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Blauer Kask PILOT PLUS (buttons) czarny matt
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Sizes: XS/XL Weight: 1100 gr +/- 50 gr
External shell: Carbon or tri-composite Dyneema/Carbon/Aramidic Fibre and Epoxy Resin fabric of the inner parts:
Shalimar, Sanitized and Chopper internal dark sun visor.

  • - EPS differentiate intensity , with double layer to improve the shock resistance
  • - Inner parts removable and washable
  • - Chinstrap with Micrometric buckle quick release system

The Boston shell guarantees the maximum safety even for those who use their scooters or bikes in the city traffic without give up on the comfort of a very light open face helmet. Is in tricomposite fibres (dyneema, carbon and aramidic fibres), aerodynamic and shock resistant. The internal shell is in eps, moulded with a differentiate intensity for a better absorption of the shock energy.